Tips for Telemental Health Service

  • Test your equipment before your first telemental health appointment in order to identify any technical issues or barriers to engaging in telemental health services. Should you need assistance with technical troubleshooting, it may be helpful to consult with UM IT. If technical issues do not resolve, please contact your UMCC clinician as you can request to engage in services via phone.


  • Ensure that you have access to WiFi with a good bandwidth. Videoconferencing can require a lot of bandwidth. Poor bandwidth could weaken the connection, and subsequently impact the telemental health session.


  • Choose a place where you will have privacy and feel safe. This will help ensure confidentiality and reduce likelihood of being overheard by others when disclosing personal and sensitive information. Be mindful of your surroundings, including the presence of others nearby (e.g., in adjacent rooms).


  • Be stationary and do not drive during the session. If you will be joining the meeting from your car, please be in a parked position.


  • Use headphones if possible (preferably noise-cancelling). Headphones can minimize distracting noises from your immediate environment. This can also increase sense of privacy and further ensure confidentiality.


  • Place phones on silent and put phones away, if participating via computer or tablet. Deactivate sound notifications of background apps.


  • Log in 5-10 minutes before your appointment to allow time to troubleshoot any technical issues and to maximize your scheduled appointment time. You may also use this time to settle into a private space and get comfortable.


  • At the time of your appointment, wait for your counselor to connect with you.


  • You will be asked to confirm your current location at the start of the meeting. In order to engage in UMCC Telemed services, you must be physically located in the State of Florida. Additionally, in the event you are disconnected for any reason and there are safety concerns, the clinician will be able to send help to your identified location.