Kognito Online Training

Kognito is an interactive virtual simulation to help you identify and respond to a friend or student who may be in distress.

The University of Miami cares about the well-being of every student. To help students who are distressed get the support they need, the Counseling Center has partnered with Kognito At-Risk to provide online training simulations to students and faculty/staff. 

Through a hands-on self-directed approach that combines storytelling with personalized feedback, Kognito trains users on how to listen to someone in distress, identify ways to assist them, and refer them to appropriate resources. 

Combined with several evidence-based models including motivational interviewing, shared decision-making, empathic accuracy, and reappraisal strategy, Kognito uses game mechanics and effective learning principles to teach users how to have meaningful conversations with students.

The training takes about 30-40 minutes to complete. Log in using your University credentials.