UMCC Interview Requests

Media as well as Class Assignments

We appreciate your desire to learn more about UMCC services, resources and/or to learn more about various mental health issues. We would like to do what we can to meet your needs, however, because our primary mission is to treat students with mental health needs we may not be able to meet each interview request.  Due to the nature of the confidential services we provide and because we represent the University of Miami, there is a process that must be completed before we can participate.  Please review our interview request guidelines below.


First, contact UM Media Relations with your request. Please email them at  Please provide a list of anticipated questions so that Media Relations can review your questions and so that the UMCC Staff can prepare for the discussion.


UM Media Relations will contact the Administrative team at UMCC with confirmation to move forward with the interview.  Available staff will be coordinated to participate in the interview as soon as schedules allow.


Please note that this process may take several business days, so we suggest you submit requests with as much lead time as possible.


For students who want to interview a UMCC staff member for a class assignment, please contact the Assistant Director of Outreach Services, Kimberly Martin ( preferably three weeks before your project is due. During peak clinical demand at the center, requests may not be granted.


Please note that interviews are given through email or in-person only, and UMCC staff may request a preview of what will be published or made public for accuracy.