Group Counseling


Groups are the treatment of choice for many issues and are the only long-term treatment option offered at the Counseling Center. Talking with other students who have had similar experiences provides support and perspective.

  • A variety of groups are usually available throughout the semester. Check calendar for up to date group times and information.
  • You can talk with your counselor or call the Counseling Center and ask to speak with the group facilitator, who is named in the group listing, to learn more about a group.
  • For further information on groups you may want to read Orientation To Being In Group Counseling.

The following groups are currently offered at the Counseling Center:

  • ACT- Mindfulness Group
  • Family Patterns Group
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, or Questioning Therapy Group
  • Graduate Student Support Group
  • Graduate Student Process Group
  • Men's Process Group
  • Sisters in Sharing
  • Mood Management Group
  • USO Group
  • Women's General Therapy Group