Massage Chair

Massage Chair

Need a study break? Tests, papers and schoolwork giving you knots in your back? Feel free to call us at 305-284-5511 and schedule a 30-minute appointment with our full body massage chair.

The DreamWave chair combines Shiatsu mater massage movements with engineering ingenuity for a full-body massage proven to enhance natural healing and wellness through expertly guided stimulation or pressure points. Click here to learn more about the massage chair.

Massage Chair

Return Massage Chair to upright position and leg rest fully touching the floor.
Press the “Recline” button to return chair to upright position.

Remote Instructions

Please observe the following:

  • Watch videos on how to use massage chair - Dream feature is awesome!
  • Open sound machine app and select a soothing sound for your enjoyment
  • One person at a time in Relaxation Room
  • Please, do not move the massage chair
  • Please, remove your shoes and use foot covers
  • Please, wipe down chair when finished
  • Hair covers are strongly encouraged
  • Close doors for privacy
  • Do not get out of chair unless it is in upright position
  • Each programmed session is 15 minutes
  • Ask Reception Staff for assistance