Sexual Assault Resource Team (SART)

SART HOTLINE - (305) 798-6666

SART is a telephone resource line for University of Miami students administered by the Counseling Center. If you have been sexually battered, assaulted, or molested, recently or in the past, you may talk, anonymously, to a trained volunteer about it. The telephone resource line is also available to those seeking information or support regarding these issues.

We are available throughout the year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our service is available to all genders.

The SART program began in 1992 to provide students with a way to talk about these issues anonymously, from the privacy of a telephone. It is administered by the University of Miami Counseling Center. Dr. Audrey Cleary, Counseling Center psychologist, coordinates the program.

SART volunteers are faculty, staff and graduate student volunteers from the University community. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Dr. Cleary at the Counseling Center at (305) 284-5511 to arrange for an interview. Dr. Cleary trains SART volunteers on how to handle calls and provide ongoing consultation and supervision.

SART also has an education/prevention program. Volunteers will come to speak to your group, free of charge, about rape facts, statistics, prevention, and about sexual communication. Please contact the Counseling Center at (305) 284-5511 should you wish to schedule a program.

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Sexual Assault Resource Team (S.A.R.T.)