Community Referral Database

The University of Miami Counseling Center (UMCC) is proud to announce our new Counseling Center Referral Service. This online system will allow UM students, faculty and staff to search for mental health providers in the community. These mental health providers will periodically update their information to keep our database and your search results relevant. You will have the ability to search for a provider through various filters such as specialty area, insurance provider, location and more. The database is new and growing each week. We encourage you to periodically check the database as we will constantly be adding providers. Should you have any questions about referrals, please call 305-284-5511. All providers must request to join our database. Please click the link below to start your search and to learn how to join our referral database.  Thank you!

Visit the site

Looking for a local mental health provider? Are you located outside of Miami and not sure where to start? Do you have questions about telemedicine or using your insurance? Please view our brief presentation on how to find providers and access your insurance.