What is a Counseling Outreach Peer Educator?

Do you want to promote education and awareness about mental health and common college student stressors? Become a COPE Peer Educator! You will benefit from receiving training and mentoring from Counseling Center Clinicians in topics related to personal and professional growth. At the Counseling Center, we believe students are the experts on what other students want to learn! As a member of COPE you attend weekly meetings to plan and executive program initiatives that YOU choose. As a Peer Educator, you will gain valuable leadership experience while making a difference in your community.

How can I apply to become a COPE member?

Applications for Spring 2021 semester have closed. If you would like to receive information about COPE’s next application process, please email

Meet the COPE 2020-2021 Executive Board!

Sierra Jensen

Position: Chair 
Major: Human Social Development and Psychology
Why did you join COPE?
I am passionate about mental health and serving the UM community. COPE allows me to connect with my fellows Canes while reducing stigmas, spreading awareness, and fostering conversations about mental health and therapy. I am thankful to have COPE on campus to help students get connected to mental health resources, while also providing a space for me to learn, grow, and express my passions.

Angelica Defalco

Position: Membership Chair and Outreach Programming Chair 
Major: Psychology
Why did you join COPE?
I joined COPE because I was amidst a stage in my life where I was searching for something meaningful that I could immerse myself in. I had heard of COPE freshman year and remembered their presentations and tabling events and knew that it was an organization for me. I wanted to be a peer educator and do my best to raise awareness and bring my passion for destigmatizing mental issues to the limelight. I wanted to make a difference and I feel this is a perfect outlet to do that!

Julia Weinmann

Position: Outreach Programing Chair
Major: Neuroscience 
Why did you join cope?
Joining cope and working with the counseling center to educate the student body allows me to actively use my passion for mental health awareness to make a difference among my peers. I believe that COPE allows me to make a change at UM by working towards breaking the mental health stigma and helping those who are struggling with seeking help. In addition, I could not have wished for a better group of people to surround myself with. The friendships I've made through COPE have impacted my college experience in such a positive manner and I believe they will continue to after as well.

Kaitlyn Carino

Position: Outreach Programming Chair
Major: Biochemistry and Global Health Studies
Why did you join COPE?
I originally joined COPE as an outlet to express my passions of working to destigmatize mental health issues and advocating for mental health awareness and education. COPE has not only allowed me to actively engage in something I feel is so incredibly important, but it has also brought me a diverse family of supportive, kind, and empathetic people who have similar passions. I love that I’m able to play a part in educating others about mental health and the resources available to them, while also learning more myself and connecting with my peers in a fun and engaging way.

Emily Connell

Major: Elementary Education
Why did you join COPE?
I joined COPE to surround myself with a group of people who are just as passionate about mental health as I am. COPE allows me to pursue my passion of mental health advocacy with an amazing group of beautiful humans.