What is a Counseling Outreach Peer Educator?

Do you want to promote education and awareness about mental health and common college student stressors? Become a COPE Peer Educator! You will benefit from receiving training and mentoring from Counseling Center Clinicians in topics related to personal and professional growth. At the Counseling Center, we believe students are the experts on what other students want to learn! As a member of COPE you attend weekly meetings to plan and executive program initiatives that YOU choose. As a Peer Educator, you will gain valuable leadership experience while making a difference in your community.

How can I apply to become a COPE member?

Applications are now available for the 2018 year! Please apply to COPE by clicking here: COPE Application 2018-2019

Meet the COPE 2018-2019 Executive Board!

Kelly Kudryk

Position: Chair
Major: Psychology and Studio Art
Why did you join COPE?
I joined COPE because I am very passionate about mental health. It's important to advocate mental health awareness, especially on a college campus. Also, I was hoping to meet other students like me, and learn more about psychology.

Veronica Betancur

Position: Membership Chair
Major: Biology
Why did you join COPE?
To give the UM community a better understanding of mental health and the different ways they can take care of themselves!

Jimmy Ge

Position: Vice Chair of Outreach Programming
Major: Meteorology and Applied Math
Why did you join COPE?
I became a Peer Educator to advocate for the importance of mental health and fight the stigma associated with seeking help, especially on college campuses. Mental and emotional well-being are issues that have deeply affected me in many ways, and I hope that by bringing mental health to the attention of my peers and making them aware of the amazing campus resources we have, I will have helped anyone who feels lost and unsure where to go. I also love being a part of the COPE family where we have fun together and support each other, and I enjoy gaining experience doing public outreach so I can serve other communities by understanding and helping address their issues, especially those related to natural disasters.

Kendall Mather

Position: Communications Chair
Major: Management and Psychology
Why did you join COPE?
I Joined COPE because I wanted to get more involved on campus and I was looking specifically for an organization related to my interest in mental health. COPE is important to me because college can be a hard transition and a stressful time for many people. The stigma surrounding mental health makes this even more difficult. I hope to help spread the word about resources and reduce that stigma so that anyone who would like to seek help knows how to get it, and feels comfortable doing so without judgment.

Joshua Kleinman

Position: Outreach Program Chair
Major: Public Health & Sociology
Why did you join COPE?
I am passionate about mental health and educational outreach. Being in COPE has allowed me to engage with the UM community at a deeper, more meaningful level through advocacy. Connecting others with the Counseling Center's resources and facilitating mental-health dialogue on campus have opened the gates to discussing certain issues that affect everyone's college experience. I couldn't be more excited for the '18-'19 school year and for sharing COPE's work with my classmates and peers!

Brie Bigham

Position: Outreach Programming Chair
Major: Neuroscience
Why did you join COPE?
I joined COPE because I want to be a part of an organization full of compassionate people that care about mental health topics! I enjoy taking part in diminishing the stigma surrounding mental health topics on campus through fun, meaningful, and educational programming events for the UM community. Joining COPE has allowed me to share with others my enthusiasm about mental health awareness and the Counseling Center!