Headspace Meditation App

Feeling stressed out? Worrying all the time? We are happy inform you that the UMCC has partnered with Headspace to provide students with a free one-month subscription to their meditation app. You can learn more about Headspace and how it works by visiting their website or click here. On their website, you will find information and videos on the benefits of meditation and how calming the mind can help reduce anxiety and stress.

If you would like a free one-month subscription, please follow the instructions below and try out the app. Please contact Rene Monteagudo at Rmonteag@miami.edu should you have an issues with your code.

Redemption Code Instructions

  1. Visit Headspace's redemption page here
  2. Enter the code CCMiami1M
  3. Download the Headspace app on the iOS App Store or Google Play
  4. Enter your login details
  5. Enjoy your journey with Headspace!